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Oh hey, I actually got my wireless to work! Anyways, it's rare for this baby to work right now and it may be a bit before I can buy a new one that actually keeps me connected or is recognized by computer (it's clinging to it's last breaths right now, my internet hates me. Positive reinforcement and the ignore approach don't work, apparently it's irrational behaviour cannot be stopped).

Half written prompt responses to TM/RoTM are alive on my computer, it's just a matter of posting them here. Or finding some way and time to get them to another computer/school and post them up.

And umm, I love everybody and am not ignoring you. I'm pretty much down to reading only when I can snag my mom's working computer with internet away from her. *Will not be bitter about that fact that I pay for HALF of that internet, so I deserve more time on it than an hour.*

Oh, and really belated Tammy award voting thank you. Because thank you's are nice and my internet died around the same time the Tammy's ended. HAHA, KARMA IS AWESOME!

Right, can you tell that my robot brain needs beerI'm ready for bed?.
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