Bob Bishop (itsjustbob) wrote,
Bob Bishop


I'm feeling nice (Awwww), and even though I think Bob is Jewish, I will be writing up Christmas gift ficlets/drabbles for all who ask.

It can be any subject, not just Holiday related. Just post a comment on ye olde post and I will try my best to work up a piece for you.

It can be any situation, any character interaction, heck it can even have bearing on rp canon if you want. Your creativity will no doubt impact mine.

Happy December everyone.
Edit: Oh, and this also goes for any other character I've played/play. Really, it's up in the open. Crack is welcome too. If you wanted it from another character, or like some weird crossover of doom. I've also played itsjustbob, valrichards, blastedrichards, not_franklin, madcrazymisfit, psigirlpaula, thelastgirlquit and kindalikefonzie. I will try my best with voices I've never written.

I will try my best with voices I've never written. :D
Tags: [oo1] ooc
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