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Trust The Midas Touch

Bob Bishop
17 January 1953
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WARNING: This journal contains spoilers for Season 2 of Heroes.

Bob has funny glasses. He's most likely a villain and has really bad taste in suits. He just might like locking people up a little too much. He also has a problem with being thrown up against walls.

Oh yeah, and there's that whole part where he currently heads the Company.

Back in the day he helped start up the aforementioned organization, and as far as we know did not have an affair with Angela Petrelli during the process.

People only seem to know him as "Bob". He has been known to give out free iPods and convince people to inject viruses willy-nilly. These three things probably aren't related, but think about it. If you were the type of person who continually pushes injecting a fatal virus into new victimstest subjects, would you want people to know your name? Besides, you also don't want random people phoning you asking for free video iPods either.

Disclaimer: This journal is a piece of fiction and all entries, comments and replies are fictional and are in no way to be perceived as real.

This is produced for fun, and I do not claim to be Bob or the actor who plays him. Bob is from Heroes and belongs to Tim Kring, the writers and NBC. Currently, I am just borrowing him for my own amusement. There is no profit being made from this journal in any way, nor do I intend infringement of copyright.

This is fiction.

Muse: Robert "Bob" Bishop.
Fandom: Heroes
Mun: sanstexte
Contact: sanstexte -at- gmail.com or This post. (screened).

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