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OOC - copypasta

*Apologizes x10 million*

Just as I get caught up, I get stuck with a head cold.

So, yes tags/replies/comments/rp/evil get well-condolence cards/stuff is forthcoming. Preferably when I'm not doped up on cold medication. Unless you really do want to read about happy fluffy pink bunnies who do the can can.

Also, I think I've spent 20 minutes typing this because I keep making typos. LOL! Not on this one because I like to copypaste.

I also really don't like making OOC posts, because I feel like they are swarming - more so than the kleenex around my computer. Note to self, Bob needs to be less meta. Mmmkay???

Love to everybody who puts up with me.

Elle!Muns + Bennet!Muns + Adam!muns (I think that's all I need to reply to... If more, comment please. Brain no worky). I'll repsond when I can be more coherant, because obviously you all rock and I owe you tags, which I know.

*heads back to couch*


RoTM 1.85.11 - Anger

Does your muse express anger in a healthy way? Do you ever feel that maybe they need some therapy or something, because they go overboard when crossed? Talk to us, or your muse, about anger management.

Haha. There is nothing healthy about the Company. Why would Bob be any different?

In all seriousness though, Bob is not the type to display his rage. He’ll bottle it up, and try his hardest to keep it hidden – the rage breaks through sometimes, like when he looked really really steamed when Claire ran away, and when Mohinder let the Haitian go. When he’s alone? Then the rage comes out. It’s not screaming, it’s not electrocuting people, it’s contemplating throwing the computer out the window, or breaking things. Preferably pens, knick knacks (why do you think his desk is so bare?) or pencils if they’re on hand.

It’s not healthy at all, as repressed rage is never good. As for therapy? He’d rather send his employees to one than deal with it himself. Sure it would benefit him, but he'd need to have the Haitian mind wipe the psych, and that's just not something he can do right now.

Muse: Bob Bishop
Fandom: Heroes
Words: 159

[Meta] Tammys

Regarding this month's Tammy awards.

Water ballet? I’m flattered by you interest, but I admit that I have no inclination to do that. For the sake of everyone involved I suggest voting for others who are better endowed when it comes to looks. My mun assures me that Team B would be, and I quote “simply amazingly hot in Speedos. Because even if I write you Bobby, you aren’t going anywhere near a pool. But they can!”

You’ll have to take her word for it.

I’d also like to remind you to vote for my daughter, Elle.[info]not_myfirstday, [info]stinglikeabitch and [info]twistedcurrent
. She’s made some mistakes lately, and this could help cheer her up. I also don’t want to have to deal with the ramifications of her loss. It would be in your best interests to vote for all of them, as I can’t be held responsible for her actions.

I don’t have any fancy videos like my old friend Adam, but I’m being completely honest when I say that I deserve it more than him. I’m not the one willingly unleashing a deadly virus on the population – I’ve just kept it locked up for thirty years.[info]takezo_kensai is a madman, and this will only lead to his ego being even more inflated.

Before I finish, my headmate would also like to mention voting for her as most joyful. Apparently she has a robot, and that means something. I admit, she reminds me of Elle before our testspuberty. However [info] powered_otaku is on a quest to kill Adam, which is very joyous to me, so I'd prefer it if you vote for him over[info]valrichards
In conclusion, you’re always a winner when you vote for the Company. We really do care.

(( OOC: Blushing and squeeling over here on the mun's part. It's an amazing honour to be nominated at the Tammy's, since there are amazing writers over there. Plus, Bob's fairly new, and people pay attention to him? Hmm? What now. Anyways, thank you so much to all that nominated him, it's no doubt thanks to all the WONDERFUL Heroes muses he gets to interact with.

And seriously, my mind does not want to see him doing Water Ballet. DO NOT VOTE FOR THAT! For the sake of my sanity. :D ))
Color Quiz taken from Adam, Mr. Gray and Elle

[OOC: Yeah, so this was my first attempt at choosing what colours he'd pick out. For the most part, it all pretty much fits with my image of him in my head. Kinda spooky.]

RoTM 1.84.1e - King of Pain

There’s a little black spot on the sun today.
It’s the same old thing as yesterday.

[A week in time, or what you would find on Bob's PDA. Private.]

VoilaCollapse )

Muse: Bob Bishop
Fandom: Heroes
Words: 297

RoTM 1.82.1.h - Quote

OOC: This is long. Like really long, much longer than I expected. Even my OOC ranting is full of spoilers.Collapse )

h. I'm not concerned about all hell breaking loose, but that a PART of hell will break loose... it'll be much harder to detect.

It was always a possibility; he knew that from the day she was born. He didn’t know what the abilities would be, or how they would manifest, but he knew it was only a matter of time. The only thing he didn’t take into consideration was the fact that his daughter would be the first of the children to come into her own. It made her all the more special when she did, and it made her all the more valuable.


Bob will never forget the day she manifestedCollapse )

Muse: Bob Bishop
Fandom: Heroes
Words: 1235
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