Bob Bishop (itsjustbob) wrote,
Bob Bishop

RoTM 1.91.4 - Mun ramblings on Bob

What is the one biggest misconception that you think people have about your muse?

The biggest misconception about Mr. Bishop… Hmmm.

I think it’s one that most people in the fandom probably struggle with, and I admit I do as well. His actions often make it seem like he doesn’t truly love his daughter, or he borders a thin line when it comes to his emotions about her. The man doesn’t even have any pictures of her for gosh sake’s (of course, what with the track record of break in’s, a picture would be a very visible weakness on his part)

Yes, I do think he does love her. Not in the way Nathan loves Simon and Monty, not in the way Bennet would kill to protect Claire, Bob loves Elle in a more simple Boblike way.

There’s guilt there, that obviously effects his relationship with her and the perception of his love. In my own personal fanon, Bob’s parents probably weren’t all that lovey dovey. Simply put, Bob learnt his parenting skills from his father. How does he show love? Constant criticism. He wants more for her, he wants her to succeed (and does sort of cling to the hope that maybe one day she’ll outgrow her rebellion/craziness and be a leader (there’s delusions in that there family, I tell ya!)), he wants her to be more than he ever was, and be all that she can be.

He loves her for her powers, but he also loves her for the fact that she’s his only little girl. He made something special, something that he hoped could become one of the most amazing and talented member and contributor to the Company. She was tough, she was beautiful, and she was going to go places that Bob never could.

It seems like a cruel thing to do, performing tests on your child, because really, it doesn’t sound like love to me. But in his own warped mind, Bob thought he was helping her reach her full potential. Transforming a timid little girl into a formidable leader. The tests proved her powers and toughened her up.

I have no doubts that for the first 5 or so years of Elle’s life, he kept clinging to the hope that she would show her abilities, and when she did it was probably one of the happiest moments of his life. He’d never been prouder. Then as she grew older he obviously realised the extent of his actions, so the guilt came in. His cold demeanour towards her is his way of controlling a situation he doesn’t know how to deal with. He loves her as his child, but he’s scared of her, and somewhat ashamed, but he won’t admit it. It’s easier for him to detach and berate her or spoil the crap out of her with gifts than actually admit, “I love you.”

Muse: Bob Bishop
Fandom: Heroes
Words: 467
Tags: [oo3] rotm_prompts
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