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Due to real life shenanigans and my goal to not throw myself off a bridge from stress, Bob is going prompt only for a while. As much as I love interacting with everyone, I'm just in a weird balancing place due to setting up my final practicum, class, work, personal/family health and the realization that I will be done school and entering a career (or should be) come the end of April. If you knew me in real life, I probably look like Tweak from South Park right now.

Anyways, I'll still be reading, and commenting OOCly. If you want to use Bob for something, go ahead (I mean, don't kill him, but mentioning/using/saying he went to a party/was an ass/poked your muse with needles/or something is fine by me). 

I still heart you guys, and seriously, I wish I could keep up, but obviously I've fallen behind in the rping thing and I don't want your stories/muses stuck in any kind of standstill (or anymore than they already are!)

-Jenn (Bob!Mun) 

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