Bob Bishop (itsjustbob) wrote,
Bob Bishop

Hidden uses of the Company E-Mail System

I've recently discovered a few extra features hidden in the Company email.

Apparently I can add a tiny star to conversations of importance, meaning I won't forget to respond to any death threats or matters of urgency if I happen to leave early.

I'm suprised this wasn't included in the manual when it was first installed. You would think that they'd at least send us some notification when they install new features.

[OOC: This is the mun's IC way of saying that everything is starred and organized so I can reply/tag. I did not forget, apparently X-Mas vacation of nothing turned into X-Mas vacation of never being at home. Things and ficcy things forthcoming! After sleep and school!

Also, Bob is crap with technology, and even the Company IT department is against him.]
Tags: [oo4] business as usual
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